Box Hill Closes to Cyclists Looking for an Easter Weekend Smash

By Gary Cutlack on at

The popular Surrey cycling hotspot of Box Hill is to be closed to all but essential traffic this weekend, as the National Trust attempts to head off potential negative imagery of cyclists getting a little too close while huffing and puffing up the iconic climb while pretending it's still the summer of 2012.

Box Hill is popular because it is hard, and presents a beautiful zig-zag climb up the Downs of the sort we only usually see on telly when the grand tours are whizzing around the Alps; even though it's only 2.5km long and most of Cornwall is way harder.

But that doesn't matter as it's all closed now unless you have the power and authority to borrow an ambulance or fire engine for the Easter weekend, with a National Trust manager explaining: "Working in partnership with Surrey County Council and Surrey Police, we are closing the Zig Zag road at Box Hill for the Easter long weekend, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The road will be closed to all but essential traffic." [Cycling Weekly]

Image credit: Wikipedia