BT is Giving Kids Free Access to its Online Coding Class

By Shabana Arif on at

BT is helping parents out by offering its online coding class to kids stuck at home with nothing better to do, but its presented in the guide of making a virtual cake, so they'll actually want to do it.

Code a Cake uses baking as an analogy for coding, with the online experience being aimed at ages 6–11, or anyone who can't code and wants to give it a whirl for free. Kids will be tasked with programming a (virtual) robot arm to create their fake cake, and while doing so, will be learning all about sequencing, variables and looping. The robot arm carries out its instructions in real time, and with over 50 different clips played in an assortment of combinations, it'll be varied enough for a few run-throughs at least.

As well as being a part of BT's Skills for Tomorrow initiative, the company is offering free access because kids are stuck at home and are heavily reliant on digital learning as we all stay inside and try to ride out the pandemic. Kerensa Jennings, BT's digital impact director, said:

"With the UK facing such extraordinary hardship, BT wants Code a Cake to play a small, yet important role in inspiring and supporting parents and children at this challenging time. Families need more help than ever as they try to keep their kids educated and entertained at home.

"Our Skills for Tomorrow initiative is here to help people make the most of technology, and we want to do our bit to help children have fun and keep on learning.”

You can give coding your own cake a whirl right here.