Bumble Bigs Up Virtual Dating in Lockdown With Uber Eats Discount

By Shabana Arif on at

Dating apps don't want to lose users now that meeting up with strangers to bump uglies has been taken off the table. But don't let that stop you! Smear your naked bodies in takeaway food and have a virtual date instead.

Or you could just eat it while video chatting with the object of your desire, but where's the fun in that? Either way, with 25 per cent off Uber Eats, the choice is yours. To get your discount, you'll need the Bumble app; then just start swiping in Date mode and match with the Bumble x UberEats profile to get your discount code.

The offer is limited to Bumble users in London, Birmingham, and Manchester where Uber Eats is available, so if you live anywhere else, that's just your bad luck. You can pay full price for your dinner, or maybe splash out on your date's food as a nice romantic surprise. Bumble has also rolled out a Virtual Dating badge so you can see who's up for some online meetups in the absence of real world meets.