Cards Against Humanity Gets a Family Friendly Edition for Free to Play During Lockdown

By Shabana Arif on at

If the novelty of having the entire family at home is wearing a bit thin, help is at hand thanks to Cards Against Humanity that is releasing its family edition early and it's totally free.

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition is a brand new game, built from the ground up and play-tested with tiny humans and their larger carers. It's been in development or a year and was slated for a retail release this autumn, but given the circumstances we've all found ourselves in, this beta version is being given away for free. And thank god for that, because we've got at least another week of this.

"We’ve been working on it for over a year in consultation with child development experts and psychologists. Our plan was to surprise everyone with this in the fall, but we know a lot of families need something to do right now.

"So today we’re posting a public beta of Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition for free, so you can print it at home and play it right now with your bored family. We’ll figure out how to make money on it later."

You heard them. You can download and print the PDF for either small or large card sizes, as well as low ink version because people are probably buying up ink cartridges to wipe their arses on now. On that note, before you can download it, you'll have to agree to some basic terms and conditions, that are all coronavirus-related, and you'll be directed to the WHO website on the pandemic if you decide to turn them down, which should enlighten you enough to come back and try again. Or you can lie outright and click on through, and given the nature of the last requirement, I think that's exactly what you'll be doing.

While it is family friendly and designed for people aged eight years-old and over, you may want to give the cards a gander and take out anything that you don't want your kids to see. Again, this is for children, but who knows how you're raising them. They could be potty-mouthed little buggers, or so sheltered that they've never been exposed to anything resembling a 'naughty word'. The worst you're going to be dealing with is “crap” and “boobies" according to the FAQs, so do with that information what you will.

The final version of the game will eventually make it into stores, but letting you play now will give "quarantined families have something to do besides giving more money to the Disney Corporation," so I guess we know who hasn't signed up to Disney+.