NHS Declines First Wave of Brewery Hand Sanitiser

By Gary Cutlack on at

Oh dear, the Look!-I'm-helping! efforts of the UK's brewers to convert their processes to manufacturing hand sanitiser have got off to a shaky start, as the initial batch produced by BrewDog has not been cleared for use by one NHS Trust. It didn't quite meet all the strict requirements, probably because it was made by bearded men in a malty factory.

The BrewDog sanitiser easily beat alcohol content requirements as it hit a joyous 68 per cent, but it was deemed not to have met "clinical standards" somewhere along the way. Hence it's not usable in hospital environments. A spokesperson for NHS Grampian explained: "Our supplies and equipment have to reach clinical standards before they can be put into use in healthcare settings and we have worked closely with the team at BrewDog to overcome some of these technical issues. This has been a really successful collaboration with the BrewDog team and we look forward to getting the gel fully operational in health and care settings right across Grampian."

It sounds like there's some irritatingly small but essential box that needs ticking in order for the brewer's future batches to earn compliance, as Grampian says it's working with the brewer to get its next batches of alcoholic wash out to the frontline. [Guardian]