Europol's Warning Against Pirate IPTV Services Actually Makes Them Sound Very Appealing

By Shabana Arif on at

The European law enforcement agency has put out a warning on the evils of using IPTV services, but inadvertently made them sound like attractive alternatives to legitimate paid subscription services like Netflix, Disney+, and the like.

With the lack of sports to watch, legal streaming services are vying for consumers' attention by offering free access to certain packages for a limited amount of time, including premium channels and kids' content, hoping to tempt you into subscribing because there's sod all else to so, and the kids need to be kept entertained while they're home from school. The same type of promotion has been happening with illegal services, like Popcorn Time, which recently launched a Popcorn Time Kids app full of family-friendly content only.

But other steps that legit platforms have taken, like lowering the EU's streaming quality – which has been done by both Netflix, Disney+, and even YouTube - haven't been adopted by pirate IPTV services. Europol warns:

"Criminals are quickly adapting their activities, offering high-quality stream[s] while legitimate providers have agreed to reduce stream quality due to EU broadband overload."

It also added that such services are offering a wealth of content to plug the gaps left by sporting events, and as they're not bound by distribution agreements, illegal platforms have a veritable smorgasbord of content. Way to make illegal streaming services sound like a cheaper alternative to the handful of pricier legit subs people are juggling.

Of course, there are risks dabbling in anything illegal, with Europol highlighting pirate IPTV services that ask for your personal details – something they don't need to know, and that you shouldn't be handing over. All valid points, but it probably should have made a bit more effort not to make them sound so great. [TorrentFreak]