Firebox Has Launched an Isolation-Themed Mystery Box to Entertain You During Lockdown

By Shabana Arif on at

Firebox has an existing line of 'mystery box' products with themes ranging from gadgets, to Disney, to Mother's Day. The latest one to join the ranks has been put together to shine a "box-shaped ray of light amongst the doom and gloom" of being quarantined.

We've got no idea what's inside, which is right and proper where the topic of mystery items is concerned. But forget about finding loo roll and tins of beans inside - there are other boxes for that. What it does contain is £60 worth of "joy-bringing, boredom-busting goodness" for the average price of £39.99. And you'd better hope you like the contents because it's excluded from the usual 30-day returns policy.

You'll probably find a few games and other forms of entertainment inside to make your lockdown marginally more interesting, and you can rope in whoever is stuck in the house with you to play them. Head over to the website if you fancy getting one for yourself. Or someone else, if you fancy it.

Firebox isn't the only company to capitalise on/ help out in these very weird times. As well as the 'essentials' food boxes some supermarkets are doing, you can get yourself a Pub in a Box to help while away the hours, totally ignoring WHO's advice on drinking during the coronapocalypse. [Metro]