Architect Proposes Refitted Container Ship Global Hospital Fleet

By Gary Cutlack on at

A team of architects has come up with an idea for how container ships may be put to use now we're not ferrying quite so many billions of tonnes of plastic junk around the world, and is suggesting some container ships – and their containers – are outfitted as emergency floating field hospitals.

The idea is not as bonkers as it initially appears, as the problem Weston Williamson + Partners addresses is that many of the world's developing countries simply don't have the luxury of massive public spaces – like the ExCel arena – that are easily converted into impromptu intensive care centres. By turning a container into an ICU and having the ships sail to where they're most needed, they could provide ready access to complete care systems.

The containers would be stacked just six high to avoid too dense and foreboding a feeling by restricting light and airflow, as even disaster relief emergency hospital ships shouldn't be too bleak for the people stuck there. Weston Williamson says he's spoken with the likes of shipping giant Maersk and wasn't laughed off the conference call, and explained: "The great thing about containers is that they are almost the perfect size for a single intensive care bed and it gives privacy, comfort, daylight and ventilation." [Dezeen]

Featured image: WestonWilliamson+Partners