Goats Retake Streets and Perform Vital Hedge Trimming While Humans Hide Indoors

By Gary Cutlack on at

The streets of the UK are beginning to look a bit like those of Pripyat right now, as people stay at home, the verges stay untrimmed, and wildlife is tentatively returning to areas it once roamed before we tarmacked the place over and put the natural springs down pipes in the 1950s.

In particular, it's goats leading the first wave of human replacement. The town of Llandudno is appealing to a wild population's curiosity now there are fewer people and cars about the place and crossing the roads is less of an udder-ache for them, and they've been spotted coming right into town for a bit of easy eating as the fuschia starts to bud and no one's there to say shoo or begone or whatever ancient word it was that people used to use to get goats to go away.

As a result, everyone with a smartphone and a street-facing window in the town is taking photos and videos of the urban explorers, which usually live in the safety of the Great Orme headland. So well done goats for also giving people something to do. [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter