Google Maps Update Rolls Out Handy New Feature for Your Lockdown

By Shabana Arif on at

If you're looking for a quick, easy way to tell which local places are open for food takeaway and delivery in the midst of the lockdown, the new Google Maps update has got you covered.

While the app hasn't added new features per se, it has had a rejig to make itself more useful and relevant to users now that the entire world is in lockdown or self-isolating - depending on how stringent your particular country is being about it. Now, when you open up Google Maps, you'll see filters at the top for 'takeaway' and 'delivery' rather than the generic 'restaurants' label we're used to seeing.

The filters have always been present in the app, but have just been placed front and centre to make everyone's extended and indefinite stay at home a bit easier to deal with. There's no way to magically start ordering your food through the app though, so don't get too excited. It just lets you know who has some and if they can bring it to you or not. This seems to be a global update, with 9to5Google reporting that users in the US and France are also seeing the changes.

The update is live for iOS and Android too, so you don't have to move from your sofa to go and dig out your laptop. Just lie there, order your food, and have them stuff it through the letterbox for you. Where is your letterbox food delivery when we need it, Deliveroo? [Pocket-lint]