Google Pixel Buds Launch Looks Imminent as Companion App Hits the Play Store

By Shabana Arif on at

Google announced its new Pixel Buds last year and it looks like the launch may finally be upon us, as the companion app for the wireless in-ear headphones has just appeared on the Play Store.

The dedicated app allows you to set up and manage Google Pixel Buds as long as you're running Android 6 or higher. Some reviews for the app are simply complaints as people discover the app is installing itself into their devices. 9to5 Google notes that on a Pixel 4 the app listing is pre-installed, with an 'update' prompt, as opposed to install; on other Android devices, like a OnePlus 8 Pro, an install option was presented but it won't run without connecting to a pair of Pixel Buds first.

A May launch alongside the Pixel 4a would make sense, given that Google's I/O event usually takes place around that time, but with the current global situation, the online-only substitute event was also cancelled. That won't necessarily grind product releases to a halt though, and Google looks to be sticking with the same timeline, with the app's appearance seemingly supporting that.

The new Pixel Buds haven't got UK pricing yet, and they're not available for pre-order at the moment either. You can, however, join a waitlist on the website which lists the price as $179, so you're looking at a minimum price tag of around £140 (but probably more). May is almost here, so we'll likely see more leaks or hear something directly from Google in the next couple of weeks. [TechRadar]