Pub Told Guinness Delivery Service Breaks Various Unspecified Laws

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Belfast pub scored a press and community winner recently by rigging a van with a Guinness pump and staffing a fresh pints-on-wheels service to the merriment of locals forced to stay home and slum it with canned beverages; but it's now been forced to stop by police. For either breaking 2020's impromptu emergency laws or all the old ones about alcohol dating back centuries, no one's quite sure.

Northern Ireland's police have told the operator of the Hatfield House pub to end its deliveries of the black frothing beer-like liquid, even though mobile pint-pullers wore gloves and left pints in plastic cups on doorsteps in order to remain socially distant from gasping occupants and pub bosses were told it was legally fine to pivot to deliveries.

The pub's not happy and says the police won't say which laws it is breaking, as it believes it has every right to carry out business in mobile format. A spokesperson for the pub said: "We have asked the PSNI on numerous occasions to outline which relevant piece of legislation we are alleged to have breached but to date they haven't been able to do this."

They say police have been following the vans daily, and are guilty of "harassment and perceived intimidation" in the way they've been menacing the poor delivery drivers, hence that's why the service has stopped, pending either a proper legal decision or the police backing down. Or, even better, life going back to a semblance of normal. [Irish News]