Manchester's Hacienda Reboots Online for Huge Reason to Stay Home This Weekend

By Gary Cutlack on at

Draw the curtains and put on on of your old clubbing t-shirts, grandad, as Manchester's legendary nightclub the Hacienda is reopening this weekend in extremely on-trend 2020 Internet streaming style. Everyone is cool enough to be allowed in now.

The Easter Saturday all-dayer Hacienda-branded live stream is a who's who of '80s and '90s club DJing, featuring the likes of local luminaries Graeme Park, Jon Dasilva, Tom Wainwright and Paul Hartnoll, plus a performance by piano bangers K Klass; all joined by international cameos from celebrated house archivists David Morales, Roger Sanchez and Todd Terry.

If that's not enough to get you to forget about a casual walk along the canal path to risk death from complications triggered by the poorly-timed buying of a Creme Egg, the likes of Peter Hook and Shaun Ryder will be popping up to be interviewed about their recollections of the Manchester scene of the day too. We would then suggest watching 24 Hour Party People to come down with and see those same old anecdotes made real, but that's up to you.

A slightly awkward dad-quote about the event has been issued by current Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, who tried to be politician-cool by saying: "The Hacienda was a place where people who loved music could come together and be who they wanted to be. In these challenging times, it seems fitting that The Hacienda should once again be that beacon of unity, on our amazing new platform, United We Stream Greater Manchester, showcasing the best of our city-region to the whole world." [United We Stream via MEN]

Featured image: Ben Kelly