Heathrow Passenger Numbers Crash by 90 Per Cent in April

By Gary Cutlack on at

There is unlikely to ever be a good time to write a Positive Things About Coronavirus list feature, but if you are that mad and have extremely poor planet-reading skills, you might highlight the absolute death of international air travel and how it's giving the planet's lungs a brief respite from humanity's daily assault.

Because Heathrow has said that passenger numbers for April are likely to be around 90 per cent lower than usual, as our idea of an Easter getaway this year was sitting in the bathroom with the door locked for nine minutes despairingly counting the remaining toilet paper squares while trying not to cry at Animal Crossing. As for the other 10 per cent; why yes, they do have a good excuse, as that forms a mixture of repatriating Brits coming back from various enforced overseas lockdowns, citizens of other nations returning home from here likewise, and medical staff arriving to assist the forthcoming hospitalisation and death spike the country is about to endure.

March was smashed to bits too, as the airport saw just 3.1 million passengers last month, compared with the 6.5m who shuffled through complaining about what we might now assume was comparatively nothing back in 2019. And ironically, despite the neverending fuss about needing a third runway, Heathrow's been operating on just the one since April 6. Will we all instantly kerplop back into the jetset lifestyle when this is all over, though, that's the [Alan Partridge impression] Big Question? [Heathrow via Reuters]