iOS 14's Beta Code Reveals 'Real Widgets' on the Way and Here's What They'll Look Like

By Shabana Arif on at

The early code for iOS 14 is currently being plundered and the latest titbit to emerge is the addition of 'real' widgets to the home screen. One designer has knocked up some concept images to illustrate how they might look. Spoiler alert: snazzy af.

Currently, widgets on iOS are constricted to a dedicated screen only - you can't move them around willy nilly like app icons. The feature - reportedly codenamed 'Avocado' internally - is linked to the Springboard app which controls the home screen. While 9to5Mac says it's being worked on, it warns that it may end up being scrapped by Apple altogether. Designer Parker Ortolani as created concept images for what widgets on the home screen might look like, from static icons, live icons, and a full-size widget.

Ortolani even made a short demo, showing how the new home screen might work.

Another feature that seems to be being designed with widgets in mind is the new wallpaper settings. Twitter user DongleBookPro shared screenshots of iOS 14's wallpaper settings, which XDA's Max Weinbach confirmed as legitimate.

There are also settings for dynamic wallpapers, including a flat colour, a blurry version, and a dark version, which will make it easier to manage widgets on the home screen. [9to5Mac]

Feature image credit: Parker Ortolani/ Twitter