iPhone 12 Reported to Feature LiDAR Scanner Like This Year's iPad

By Shabana Arif on at

It looks like Apple might be bringing over one of the features from the new iPad Pro to the iPhone 12, and the camera array has been rejigged to fit it in.

Apple first introduced its LiDAR scanner on the iPad Pro that launched last month. Before it made its debut, Apple was rumoured to be adding a 3D camera to its next flagship, but then March rolled around, and that same camera appeared on the iPad 2020 instead. And now it's being reported that we'll still see it on the upcoming iPhone 12.

The leak comes from Instagram account Concepts iPhone and was spotted when it was reposted Twitter by user @Choco_bit. According to Concept iPhone, the image was found in iOS 14 files. It shows a quad camera setup that resemble that of the new iPad. Another Twitter (@DongleBookPro) user chimed in, claiming to work in one of Foxconn's Chinese factories, and said that the image is in line with units used for engineering validation tests (EVT), we're still a couple of months out from the reveal, and the final iteration may look different.

A LiDAR scanner allows the device it's been incorporated into to map a scene in 3D (indoors or outdoors) and as such, is perfect for AR apps. We'll probably see a similar functionality for the iPhone sensor as we have on the iPad. Another rumour that adds weight to this one is that Apple is said to be developing an AR app for iOS 14, codenamed 'Gobi', and is testing its integration with retailers like Starbucks and its own Apple Store. [9to5Mac]

Feature image credit: Donel Bagrov