Julian Assange Had Sex at Least Twice While in His Ecuadorian Embassy Bedsit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Belmarsh Prison's Julian Assange has been revealed as a father now, as his partner has announced that she's currently caring for two children had with the tedious activist.

The couple have a three-year-old and a one-year-old – Gabriel and Max – with their ages being clear indicators that they were conceived in Ecuador. Or at least in the small legal part of Ecuador in London that Assange occupied increasingly against the will of the Ecuadorian ambassadors for around seven years.

Stella Morris is Assange's partner and has been since 2015, and she says the hands-off-by-order-of-law father keeps in touch with his kids via video link from prison. Morris is revealing the relationship now because she claims Assange's "life is on the brink" due to the potential to catch coronavirus while in prison, and that he ought to be released on bail for his own safety; so as with everything Assange does, the revelation that he's a dad and has successfully managed a relationship for five years is being orchestrated for his personal benefit.

The family man reveal has been made official in a video release on the Wikileaks channel, if you can stomach him being rebranded as a jovial webcam dad. [YouTube via BBC]