London's Mayor Says We Need Compulsory Face Masks for Shopping and Commuting

By Gary Cutlack on at

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is pleading with the government to make the wearing of face masks a compulsory thing in the city, saying he's seen evidence that their use in other countries has had some effect in limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

Anything more substantial than pulling your jumper up over your mouth would do too, Khan said, as he told the BBC: "In those circumstances where it's not possible for us to keep our social distance, think of public transport usage, think of when you're in a shop, we should be using non-medical facial coverings like bandanas, like scarves, like reusable masks."

Non-medical is the key term he's used there, as it would stop members of the public battling hospital trusts for stocks of high-grade kit, and would mean any old impromptu covering fashioned out of socks or your old goth clubbing days gas mask would be acceptable 2020 outerwear. The World Health Organisation currently disagrees and says masks should remain for care workers only at the moment, but New York's made masks compulsory and the mass wearing of the things is seen as one possible future escape route from the stricter forms of lockdown.

Meanwhile in other London-centric news today, the city's remaining operational buses are to start only letting passengers on through the middle doors, helping protect drivers as they ferry key workers about the capital. [Reuters, TfL]