NHS Tells Staff Not to Use Zoom Because Its Security is Shit

By Shabana Arif on at

Thanks to the spate of security breached the service has experienced, NHS staff have been told to steer clear of the app for video conferencing for fear or putting patient information at risk.

Zoom's popularity really seemed to take off during the coronavirus pandemic, with the service being used for video conferencing by practically everyone for everything from bog standard business meetings to online teaching sessions in lieu of school. But after the shoddy security lead to Zoom bombings getting out of hand, teachers were told to stop using it. It seems the NHS has finally followed suit, telling employees to use alternatives like Microsoft Teams or Skype in instead. A spokesman for a Central London Community Healthcare NHS trust said:

"The security of patient information and our responsibilities as a Data Controller are of paramount importance to the Trust, and we continue to review national guidance on this matter. In light of alternative, secure tools being available to our staff, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust is not recommending the use of Zoom for patient video appointments."

Zoom has tried to mitigate the damage done to its reputation, but it's very much too little, too late at this point. It made some measure of effort earlier this month, and just days later, was getting sued by a shareholder for misrepresenting its security protocols. The latest security updates were rolled out his week, but people are going to be reluctant to continue to use the service in light of the non-existent precautions it seems to have taken thus far.

Feature image credit: Unsplash