Ofcom Warns Media Outlets Not to Pedal Bullshit Claims About 5G Causing Coronavirus

By Shabana Arif on at

In case you're in any doubt, 5G is not responsible for coronavirus. If we're not on the same page there, pop on the special helmet you wear indoors and trot along.

Ofcom is warning the media that they will face consequences if they promote stories suggesting that 5G is responsible for the coronavirus outbreak. The message comes after complaints were received following a Sussex community radio station broadcast. Uckfield FM featured a 20-minute interview with a woman who claims to be a registered nurse who went on to say that the pandemic is directly linked to the 5G rollout in China, and "cast doubt over reported symptoms of the virus."

Ofcom has said that it's "not aware of any reputable scientific evidence to corroborate such a contentious claim which runs contrary to all official advice, both in the UK and internationally, about coronavirus." Yes, because it's bollocks! The lady is also a practitioner of alternative medicine, according to The Guardian, although we don't know to what extent, but we can take a wild guess given these 5G claims. She also went on to issue a warning not to blindly trust professionals and do your own research. While that general stance is great in theory, there's only so much you can learn about outside of a medical degree, and at some point you're going to find yourself in a position where you have to defer to medical professionals. Or enrol in medical school.

"Just because you have this qualification, do not wear that like a crown of glory... The days are gone when you were a doctor and a nurse and everybody trusted you. Those days are well gone. Do your own research. Do not trust a qualification. I know many people who are very qualified who know very little. Because remember the people that own the establishments that teach us, it all travels back to the same thing. It’s all owned by big pharma. They own the medical elite and they determine what gets published."

That took a fun turn, didn't it! The station apologised after it was contacted by Ofcom, and removed references to the interview from its social media channels. Ofcom says that it will now be prioritising broadcasting complaints that are related to coronavirus that are talking nonsense about treatment, symptoms, and causes of the virus, including:

  • health claims related to the virus;
  • medical advice which may be incorrect; and
  • inaccurate or misleading content relating to the virus or to public policy on it.

[Ofcom via The Guardian]