Twitter Is Having a Photoshop Ball With the Queen's Royal Address

By Shabana Arif on at

In case you missed it in the flurry of news this Monday, the Prime Minister is in hospital because he's got coronavirus (precautionary measure apparently) and the Queen was rolled out from her palace surrounded by guards and gates to tell the people living in close quarters in their terrace houses that everything will be just fine.

Elizabeth II usually only makes an appearance at Christmas, like Santa, but she's not as forthcoming with the presents unfortunately. For this special appearance, someone in her wardrobe department thought it would be a good idea to slip her into an ensemble that's basically a wearable green screen.

So she unknowingly gave us the greatest gift of all - the "perfect Photoshop bait" as it was so eloquently put by Peter Chiykowski, writer of the webcomic Rock Paper Cynic. And so a thread was born that just might be the most entertaining thing you've seen since the police reprimanding dumb sunbathers over the weekend. We've popped a few of our favourites below for you to enjoy.

Feature image credit: @RudiRadlRiot Twitter