The Queen Hits London Billboard to Motivate the Empty Streets

By Gary Cutlack on at

A selection of quotes from the Queen's national address are playing out to the empty streets of London, seeing as the usual paid-for advertisers have left all the spots empty.

Such motivational classics as "we will meet again" and "better days will return" are therefore beaming at bus drivers, empty and well-bleached Uber passenger seats, and at anyone else not allowed to sit the apocalypse out at home on the internet or in a secure castle in Scotland. The banners run until April 19, with the formerly coveted ad space set aside by owner Landsec Group; which turned the digital banners blue for the NHS last week too, if you're still keeping track of tiny positives and hoping that at least a few carry through when it's all done.

And Google says we're all banging the Queen into its search box to find her words too, as is we are all in need of some kind words and a hands-off cuddle from an old lady. [Standard]