Tesco Tells Customers to Get Their Arses Down to Their Local Store If They Want Their Groceries

By Shabana Arif on at

Tesco is telling its customers to get their butts to stores if they want groceries during the coronapocalypse because online shopping for home delivery is still crazy.

The supermarket says it's struggling to meet the demand for delivery, and has already surpassed its usual capacity by 20 per cent. While panic buying seems to have died down, there's still a huge amount of shoppers who are opting for home delivery which comes with its own problems. There are only so many delivery slots after all. To that end, Tesco is telling customers to make the trip to their local store for their food where possible, so if you're not in a high risk category and have a car to cart a shit tonne of groceries around, get your arse to the shop so people who actually have a need for getting their groceries delivered can do so. Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis said:

"Between 85% and 90% of all food bought will require a visit to a store and here significant changes to the store environment have been implemented to maximise safety for colleagues and customers."

Delivery slots are being offered to vulnerable customers first, with the supermarket receiving a list of 110,000 people to contact. Tesco usually operates 660,000 home delivery slots but is now running around 805,000, so if you can't get a slot, that's why.

Elsewhere, Ocado is really struggling with the demand, and has closed its app completely. Customers can only access the website at allocated times, with messages being sent out to let them know when they can shop, but there's no guarantee you'll even get a slot. To mitigate the frustration somewhat, it's offering refunds to Smart Pass customers who have been getting priority access over customers who don't pay for the service, but didn't get a delivery slot last month. [BBC News]