Ancient Midland Mainline Announcements on Spotify Give You That Lost Commuter Buzz

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bored people missing the work commute have found some calming audio on Spotify, as someone managed to bend the rules enough to get 29 minutes of Midland Mainline onboard announcements up on the streaming music service.

Sandwiches, hot snacks and light refreshments are on offer, as ever, in the recording uploaded by Trunk Records back in 2011. Sandra Cross is the name of the artist, and she was unfortunately a one-hit wonder, as her The MMs Bar Recordings is her only work listed on the platform.

I would've embedded it here but couldn't work out how to do it. The "..." does nothing.

The Reddit thread that rediscovered this lost transport classic has already done the legwork on sourcing some more exotic rail trips for your captivity, discovering Japanese, Norwegian and US train journey video. But that's nothing like as evocative of our former boring lives as the Midland Mainline buffet advert. Hard to believe we once tutted about people putting bags on seats, ate sandwiches touched by other people, shared tables with strangers and ate bits of crisp dropped down the gaps between seats, isn't it? [Spotify via Reddit]