Department for Health Wants Refund for Unreliable Coronavirus Antibody Tests

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK government is not above falling for coronavirus hype, as it's currently after a refund for a batch of supposed COVID-19 antibody tests it bought that didn't work well enough to be used.

The initial batch was the first wave of up to 17.5 million of the tests that was at one point the brave new hope for the country, as they would've shown if a person had already had the virus without displaying symptoms, and was therefore safe to go back to work and school and OK to start getting close to strangers on public transport and in queues again.

But the tests didn't work. A preliminary batch of unspecified size was paid for by the government, money it's now trying to get back. A bit like when you drink a health drink and feel the same after and go back to Superdrug with the bottle and it all kicks off. Kathy Hall, who's leading the testing response within the Department for Health, explained: "We ordered the tests on the basis of the minimum volumes needed to get the samples so that we could test them. Now we will be working with companies to cancel the orders and get our money back where possible." [Reuters]