Whirlpool Finds a New Batch of Hotpoint and Indesit Fire Hazards to Recall

By Gary Cutlack on at

Whirlpool has added 21 new models of washing machine (spoiler: they're all exactly the same inside) to its ongoing recall nightmare, with an additional 55,000 machines joining the half-million-or-so already recalled. It's a good job we don't really need to wash our clothes any more.

It's an expansion of the fire risk recall of January 2020, the culmination of a very nearly never-ending battle to get the manufacturer to admit that many of its models made under many of its sub-brands had issues that led to house fires. The new batch of recalls covers Hotpoint and Indesit models sold between 2014 and 2018, and Hotpoint is now very sorry for the "worry and inconvenience" it has caused, despite not really being so for years, until it got all over the news. [Whirlpool via Mirror]