Xiaomi Prepares to Take on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip With Its Own Foldable Clamshell Phone

By Shabana Arif on at

We already know that Xiaomi has been exploring foldable smartphones, but it looks like the Chinese company is changing direction and going for a clamshell design, similar to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola's Razr.

We first got a look at what Xiaomi was working on last year with a double folding smartphone that went from a tablet-like device, and collapsed down into the same size as your average handset. You can see the prototype from last March in action below.

But now rumour has it that Xiaomi is pivoting towards a clamshell design instead. ZDNet Korea (via XDA Developers) reports that the company is sourcing a flexible OLED display and is talking to Samsung Display about its requirements, as well as hitting up LG Display. The current displays, supplied by BOE and CSOT, aren't of a high enough quality according to the insider who's spilling the beans.

Mass production of the phone is set for the latter half of the year, which means we might see the launch slip in before the 2020 closes out. Patent filings spotted by LetsGoDigital and TigerMobiles show off the potential design, with concept designer Waqar Khan teaming up with WindowsUnited to create a mock-up of what the final device might look like. It's not shiny and purple, but it doesn't look too shabby at all.

Feature image credit: Waqar Khan