Amazon's No-Rush Delivery Promotion Giving Prime Members £1 Credit to Spend on Anything is Still Live, Kinda

By Shabana Arif on at

If you're a Prime member who's happy to wait an extra day or two for your shit to get to you, you may find that you're still able to take advantage of Amazon's No-Rush Delivery option.

No-Rush Delivery was introduced back in April for Prime members who spend "£10 or more on either a single Qualifying Item or on Qualifying Items that can be shipped together." What does that get you? A slower delivery and £1 credit on your account to redeem on items sold by Amazon on its UK website. Due to end on May 14, it's not clear if something has gone awry on Amazon and it's still live on certain items, or whether the eligibility is just all over the place, and the offer has simply been extended.

We had a little play over on the site, and it's not clear what's going on. I'm a Prime member, had two items in my basket worth over £20 each, and didn't get the No-Rush option at checkout. Giz UK editor Tom popped a humidifier in his basket worth £80 and the offer was right there. Thinking that perhaps the system was ignoring lower-prices items for some unknown reason, I popped exactly the same humidifier into my basket in white, and once again, the No-Rush option wasn't available. I switched it out to black, and poof! There it was.

So we don't know what the deal is over there, but you may still be able to make good on the offer depending on... we don't know, actually. So keep an eye out when you get to checkout.