Lockdown Barber Shops Ordered to Close by Trading Standards

By Gary Cutlack on at

A war led by the BBC on barber shops caught defying the lockdown to offer haircuts has ended, after the local trading standards department ordered the closing of around 20 rule-flouting hairdressers.

BBC South East was the general leading this little battle, as it compiled a list of chop shops in the area prepared to offer haircuts, either blazenly out in the open in their usual premises, or underground, in secret, adding the thrill of the clandestine to getting your thinning locks trimmed.

The trading standards team has issued prohibition notices to order the closures. Should the shops in question be caught again, that puts the owners on the ladder to massive fines and possible prosecution. Steve Rock from Kent County Council Trading Standards said: "What these select number of barbers are doing is unfair. They're not adhering to the legal requirements and they're putting people's lives at risk by continuing to trade." [BBC]

Image credit: Unsplash