You Can Now Get Barnard Castle Eye Test Beer

By Shabana Arif on at

If you were about to take the car out for a spin on a trip hundreds of miles away because you can't tell if your eyes are a just bit tired of it you might need a pair of specs, save yourself the petrol money and crack open BrewDog's Barnard Castle Eye Test Beer instead.

Dominic Cummings' 260-mile jolly is proving to be a source of great anger, frustration, and entertainment frankly, because what the fuck else is there to do. First came fake Barnard Castle Tripadvisor reviews, and now the baton has been picked up by BrewDog brewery, which has just announced its new, limited edition beer:

BrewDog may have had a ridiculous idea or two in the past, and this one may fall into the same category depending on which Twitter user you pluck from the ensuing thread, but ultimately it's just a joke about an absolutely bonkers excuse thrown out into the world by Cummings, as opposed to a judgement on his actions. This is a judgement on Cummings' actions, in case you wanted some clarification:

What's more, BrewDog is donating all proceeds towards production of its hand sanitiser that it's supplying to the NHS and healthcare charities for free. So if you fancy a "short sighted beer for tall stories," that's been "dry-hopped for a juicy hit with pineapple, mango and hint of zesty lime," you can pre-order a case of 12 x 330ml cans for £16.95.