China Says the UK Will "Pay Price" if Huawei is Booted Out of 5G Builds

By Gary Cutlack on at

A tough-talking opinion piece in propaganda paper China Daily has warned that the UK faces "retaliatory responses" of some sort should the government further toughen its stance on Huawei, adding that we will "pay price" should the Chinese tech firm find itself frozen out of future infrastructure deals.

A full trade war is the vague threat on offer, with the editorial saying: "While the UK is no doubt hoping that toeing the US line on Huawei will help it gain a favourable trade deal with the US, with which it began negotiations this month, the benefits are likely to be offset by the losses."

The paper says we should consider our dealings with Huawei as a proxy for the greater relationship with China itself, adding: "Since the Chinese government has attached great significance to the way Huawei is treated overseas, and literally taken it increasingly as a test stone of bilateral ties, its reaction to such a decision should be easy to predict."

So we're risking a £100 tax on every iPhone import or an end to cheap plastic everything, should Huawei be hit with a future phase-out from our networks. [The Australian via Reddit]