Petition War Declared on London's Congestion Charge for Key Workers

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's congestion charge is back, and will soon be set at a higher level, which is good news for TfL and bad news for workers. Such bad news, in fact, that workers' unions and staff themselves are asking for an exemption for key workers, seeing as everyone's being told to stay off public transport if possible.

The petition does the admittedly rather easy maths, and finds that there'd be a £75-a-week cost added to driving to work in the centre of the city when the charge increases to £15 a day in June. The one spot of good news is that members of the London Ambulance Service have been told that they can claim back the fee as a work expense, but only after paying for it out of their own money first.

The rest of the emergency services, though, and all other key workers, must pay. The petition rages: "This will affect key workers who will be the ones impacted the most due to being shift workers, unable to use public transport at all hours, with no other means of transport, who are the people keeping the [country] currently moving during this pandemic."

Currently, only NHS and care home workers are exempt. Police, teachers, transport workers, firefighters and junk food drive-through staff all have to pay. [Change via Guardian]