Hostile States Suspected of Hacking Coronavirus Research Efforts

By Gary Cutlack on at

The National Cyber Security Centre has noticed an escalation of attempted digital heists aimed at our educational and research establishments, attacks its blames on "hostile states" trying to access and steal our Covid-19 research.

Three of the fingers are being pointed in the direction of Iran, Russia and China, although there's obviously no proof so please don't hack me in retaliation. A spokesperson for the NCSC said: "Any attack against efforts to combat the coronavirus crisis is utterly reprehensible. We have seen an increased proportion of cyber-attacks related to coronavirus and our experts work around the clock to help organisations targeted."

The organisations targeted include setups with biomedical research facilities, investigating everything from game-changing vaccines to post-infection antibody tests. The NCSC says it doesn't believe any attacks have been successful of yet, mind, although it is now working with the University of Oxford to further safeguard its pioneering research on potential Covid-19 vaccine candidates. [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash