You Can Generate Your Own Anti-Coronavirus Slogan With This Nifty Tool

By Tom Pritchard on at

During this pandemic the government has shown that it's very much into slogans - specifically slogans that come in groups of three. STAY HOME > PROTECT THE NHS > SAVE LIVES, which has now been replaced with STAY ALERT > CONTROL THE VIRUS > SAVE LIVES.

That new slogan has been widely mocked and criticised because it means absolutely nothing. Alertness doesn't stop the spread of a virus, and it certainly can't be controlled like that. So how that spreads lives has bewildered every single person - including Boris himself judging from the mess that was Sunday night's speech.

But can you do any better? Because you can generate your own slogans with a nifty little generator that's hit the web, and it throws together random slogans to produce something that may or may not make more sense than the official government version.

Here are some I've made already:

I'd panic if I had nine creme eggs up my bum too. Not that you'll be able to find any now Easter has been and gone.

Especially important if the dog is muddy.

I call this one the 'Donald Trump approach':

This one just about sums up Boris's speech:

Though sometimes there is some genuinely good advice coming through:

Some of them are just downight random, though:

If you have to take anything from this before you go generating your own slogans, make sure it's this one: