Drug Dealers Turn to Dark Web to Shift Their Unauthorised Stress Relievers

By Gary Cutlack on at

A near 500 per cent increase in listings for illegal drug sales on the dark web has been spotted by researchers, who say the nation's dealers are all having crash courses in onion browsing and underground marketplaces to shift their wares online; safer and easier than pretending to be a delivery driver and making failed attempts at blending in.

This comes from cyber threat analyst Sixgill, which says it's seen "sustained and dramatic growth" in illegal drug listings, adding that: "...this supply-side growth reflects a mass shift from street-level dealing to the digital underground as the pandemic emptied streets and public places."

Listings for online cocaine sales, for example, have risen by over 1,000 per cent, as sellers may no longer hang around in pubs attempting eye contact with likely buyers. Cannabis listings are up by 550 per cent, and even though nation is sad, people would appear to still be up for banging some MDMA and putting on their favourite club classics compilation and having a little dance, as the product more commonly sold under the ecstasy brand has seen a more than 200 per cent estimated increase in listing numbers. [Sixgill via Independent]