Woman Breaks Lockdown Law With Welsh Excursion Claiming She Didn't Know It Wasn't in England

By Shabana Arif on at

We bloody love the Welsh here at Giz UK, but one English woman has declared them all to be a "bunch of bastards" after travelling 100 miles across the border for a day trip and getting reprimanded by police.

In case you forgot, England's lockdown laws are restricted to England. The part of the UK that is Wales is exempt and operates under its own lockdown rules because it is not, in fact, in England. Confusing shit to wrap your head around? You're not alone, friend. I mean, it was made pretty clear when the Prime Minister articulated that earlier this month, and anyone with a basic grasp of UK geography could then apply that knowledge accordingly, but one woman has claimed that Boris Johnson said she could pack her kids into a car, and drive 100 miles from the West Midlands to Gwynedd beach in Barmouth. We all know that's a lie, because her name isn't Dominic Cummings.

The incident itself captured on camera when the woman started recording as she was escorted away from the empty beach on a gloriously sunny day. Bit weird that she was the only person sitting on a lovely stretch of beach, is not a thought that bubbled to the surface of her mind, but that thing is barely at a simmer. Of course she managed to weaponise her kids, as if that has any relevance to the situation. Next time you fancy breaking the law - be it a murder spree or some good old-fashioned thieving, take your kid along; you'll have an opportunity for some quality time and can get off scot-free because your kids are there.

The woman shared this video herself, thinking it demonstrated wrongdoing by Welsh police, even though they explain "you can't travel into Wales across the English border." Taking a moment to absorb all of this after uploading the video, she reportedly followed up with a social media (via The Daily Post). post saying:

"I was ignorant. I didn't realise Wales wasn't in England. Fully understand I was in the wrong. See I admit when I fuck up. But tomorrow we going to an English beach.

"Fuck you Wales you bunch of bastards. No fucker was even there locals lined up waiting. Come on it’s me I don’t do rules."

I don't speak Midlands but the gist of this borderline incoherent rambling appears to be an admission that she was in the wrong before proceeding to blast everyone in Wales for... her breaking lockdown laws? And then saying she doesn't do rules, while saying she was in the wrong for breaking them. Good to see the school system is churning out bright sparks like this. With this kind of attitude, that second wave is inevitable and it's going to be a tsunami. [Independent]

Feature image credit: Unsplash