Everybody Hates the New Scrabble Go App

By Shabana Arif on at

Scrabble Go launched at the beginning of March and now that people have had time to get used to it, transitioning over from EA's Scrabble app, they've decided it sucks big hairy balls. Or whatever representation of a scrotal sack you find most distasteful.

Scopely, the company behind Star Trek: Fleet Command, developed the revamped mobile version of Scrabble with Hasbro and Mattel, and it's a world away from what EA had going on. As a result, a bunch of more casual gamers are now experiencing the rage that comes with changes to a franchise that you just can't stand, and have inevitably started an online petition that will do nothing.

The petition is to 'Keep EA Scrabble Alive' and has amassed 2,744 signatures out of 5,000. I don't know if they expect that to magically affect licensing agreements, just because Shay thinks "that Scrabble Go app looks like garbage," but it's good that they all have something to hope for before everyone moves on with their lives and ends up downloading Scrabble Go anyway, because there's nothing else for them to play.

Other efforts to get companies to kowtow to the campaign to keep the EA app alive include bandying about the idea of "national morale" and wheeling out pensioners who liken the cessation of the app with "the end" of their life.

EA has already explained the situation in a statement, saying that the app will no longer be available to download but players who already have it installed can enjoy it until June 5. After that, it's tough shit. Players won't be able to transfer scores over either, as player progress is "tracked differently" in Scrabble Go. So it's time to find a new game to play if you don't like it, I'm afraid. -BBC News]