Heathrow Boss Warns of Impossible Kilometre-Long Queues for Flight Return

By Gary Cutlack on at

You can forget about getting an aeroplane to anywhere in the near future even if flights are only six quid and there's a free 14-day cruise waiting for you upon your arrival, as the boss of Heathrow thinks social distancing is not the answer to rebooting international aviation in any post-corona world.

Heathrow's chief executive John Holland-Kaye has done the maths too, and warns that even one standard A380-load of passengers all standing two metres apart from each other would generate a boarding queue of around 1km long. That's longer than usual, even if the the old ones did seem 1km long. Holland-Kaye is shaking his head on behalf of the bosses of all transport industries too, as he said:

"Forget social distancing, it won't work in aviation or any other form of public transport, and the problem is not the plane, it is the lack of space in the airport."

He says the answer could instead be a "common international standard" of hygiene methods and perhaps mandatory temperature checks at gates, although that assumes people may ever want to sit that close to anyone else ever again. [Sky News]