Heathrow Boss Says Let's Start Flying Between Low-Risk Countries

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boss of Heathrow is still having ideas about how to get people excited about going on aeroplanes again, and now suggests we restart flying between "low-risk" countries at first, just to get everyone used to the idea that the days of cheap and easy international travel are not all in the past and we won't die 14 days after arrival.

John Holland-Kaye thinks that combining this low-risk approach with "immunity passports" might be an option to get planes spiralling about over west London again, and said: "The quarantine cannot be in place for more than a relatively short amount of time if we are going to get the economy moving again. This is where we are urging the government to have a common international standard, working with other countries so that traffic can start to flow in a normal way between low-risk countries."

The quarantine being the baffling decision to start – maybe soon! – asking people to hole-up for 14 days after they arrive in the UK. But not if they're from France. I'm just writing this down, don't blame me if it sounds stupid. Holland-Kaye added: "I think the approach to take is the risk-based approach as we do with security, where if two countries are very low-risk or free of transmission, there should be a free flow of passengers between those countries."

The only fly in his < 100ml of ointment is that the UK population might not want to start flying again. Has he asked anyone if they fancy squashing into a small cylinder again? [Guardian]