iFixit Reveals Free Database of Medical Device Repair Manuals

By Shabana Arif on at

iFixit's usual forte is device teardowns, but for the past two months, the website has turned its hand to creating a huge database dedicated to the repair of medical equipment because there's a pandemic dontcherknow.

As it explains in its announcement of the news, it's difficult to get access to repair information for medical devices and hospital equipment at the best of times, and this has become even more of a pressing issue during the pandemic, with restrictions on travel exacerbating the problem. So for the last two months, iFixit tasked half of its staff with getting a database together comprised of all of the pertinent information needed to fix and maintain medical equipment.

"For the last two months, iFixit has pivoted half of its staff toward building the world’s most comprehensive medical equipment service database. It’s a central, multi-manufacturer library of user manuals and repair documentation for thousands of devices. We just posted more than 13,000 manuals from hundreds of manufacturers, online and available for use immediately. You can find them in our Medical Device category.

"This has been an absolutely massive undertaking – and we were fortunate to have the help and support of over 200 librarians and archivists from across the country. Archivists from university and public libraries, research institutes, insurance and software companies, and of course biomeds themselves – all donated their valuable time. Collectively, they’ve contributed thousands of hours organizing piles of documents into a navigable, searchable system."

When iFixit started out on the project, it prioritised Ventilator documentation, anesthesia systems, and respiratory analysers - all of which are used to support patients infected with COVID-19. This has since grown into a "comprehensive treasure trove of repair information for thousands of medical devices," that you can find right here. The database is free-to-use, is ad-free, and iFixit makes no money from the endeavour. Community contributions are welcome and you can find out more about that here. [Slash Gear]

Feature image credit: Unsplash