Lego's New 3,281 Piece Haunted House Arrives on 20th May

By Tom Pritchard on at

For the past few years Lego has slowly been adding fairground sets to its range, so that the most Lego-hungry types can build a full-scale one for themselves. From the now-retired Carousel and Ferris Wheel, all the way to the super-expensive roller coaster from a couple of years ago, Lego seems to be going all in.

But no fairground is complete without a haunted house, and we haven't seen a new one of those since 2012, so Lego is releasing a revamped version on 1st June.

The set features a whopping 3,281 pieces and measures in at 68cm high, 25cm wide, and 25cm deep. So it's a hefty piece, though not the heftiest piece you could add to your shelves. it opens up to, so you can actually enjoy the inside as well, because what good is a fairground haunted house if you can't go inside?

The set itself is based on the home of classic Lego villain Samuel Von Barron, and comes with a series of artefacts that Von Barron stole through his adventures - so this is going to be fun for Easter egg hunters and anyone with some nostalgia for the old Adventurers theme.

It also comes with a moving lift, a functional free fall ride, and automatic doors at the top of the tower - because it is a fairground attraction after all. Naturally that means it can also be upgraded with Lego's Powered Up components, but those are going to be sold separately. There are light-up components inside, judging from the box, with batteries included.

From the looks of things, it has eight minifigures, including a ghost, skeleton, and the ticket man. That includes five guests, one of whom is in a wheelchair and confirms this fairground is up to scratch on at least some of its accessibility.

The set itself costs £210, and if that wasn't an indicator enough that it's meant for adults Lego has confirmed that they designed it with grown ups in mind. Not that you couldn't build it and play with someone under 18. It's Lego after all, and the 18+ rating on the box is just an indicator of how complicated it is.

The set will be go on general sale on 1st June at the Lego store, but VIP members will be able to get their hands on it a week and a half early on 20th May.