Lego's Next Big Car is a 3,696 Piece Lamborghini Sián

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lego has released a lot of cars over the years, but it's always the Technic creations that seem to impress the most - especially the Bugatti Chiron. That car was a 1:8 scale miniaturized replica of the car itself, replicating all the features that made it what it was (except the driving part, obviously). Now Lego has announced it has a successor - the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37.

This set has already been teased by Lego several times, but today is the today it's been revealed. The 3,696 piece set is built in the same 1:8 scale as the Chiron, but this time comes in a shade of lime green like the super limited edition car itself. It measures 13 cm high, 13cm long, and 25cm wide, so it's a hefty creation - though you may have guessed that already from the piece count.

Being a smaller replica of the car (which none of us could never afford, even if you could get hold of one of the 63 being built), it also comes with a bunch of cool details much like the Chiron, That includes a golden rims, Lamborghini's signature scissor doors (activated by a push button), a working steering system, a visible gearbox (viewed from the underside), and even (non functional) brake discs).

There's also a replica of the V12 engine under the bonnet of the real thing, complete with moving pistons, a four wheel drive system, plus active front and back suspension. So it seems Lego has really gone all out.

The set is due for release on the Lego website and any Lego stores that are open (per government guidelines) from 1st June, and will be available from other global retailers on 1st August. The downside is that is does cost £350, so like many fancy Lego sets it's not for the tight-walleted.