Norfolk Nuclear Bunker For Sale at Just £29,995

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man is selling his personal nuclear bunker on eBay, as he's had another child and you can't really house a family of four in an underground bolthole or they get angry about lack of light, internet and so on.

The seller says his original plan was to operate the gentrified original Royal Observer Corps bunker as a "survivalist holiday home" that would've gone down well with the ironic Airbnb crowd, but, well, no one does serious holidays any more, let alone ironic ones. For the £30k asking price you obviously get the bunker and the square of land it sits in/under, along with a rough access road. There's no power, mind, and the horror of a chemical toilet to deal with. How on earth that works when there's a ladder to get up with the dissolved slops we dread to think.

Still, there's solar power for lighting and no council tax to pay, as it's apparently slipped through the registry's classification system and is only known as "land" to authorities. It has, unsurprisingly, been relisted due to timewasters. An open day for viewing may be scheduled at some point, should more than one person ever again be allowed into a space that restricted. [eBay]