Oh No (Oh Yes?), Disney+ Lets You Turn its Subtitles into Comic Sans

By James Whitbrook on at

We really do live in those interesting times they keep talking about.

One of the coolest little features about Disney+ is a settings menu hidden away when you enable subtitles. Unlike a service like Netflix where the choice for subtitles is relatively binary – you either have them on in a language of choice, or you don’t – for readability and accessibility purposes, there’s actually an entire subsection in Disney+ that lets you tweak how subtitles appear on the service. You can alter the font of subtitles, the color and edge detailing, size, whether or not there’s a background on them – even if that background has a window – which has its own color and opacity options to boot.

It’s surprisingly in-depth in a way so few accessibility options can be, which is excellent, and made all the more refreshing given that Disney+ is, by and large, a surprisingly threadbare service when it comes to functionality that isn’t “Hey we got that content and that Baby Yoda.” It’s cool that the company took the time to flesh these options out for people who really need them to access the media they love.

That said. If, like me, you find yourself with too much time on your hands, you can also use the feature to turn your subtitles into “Comics Sans.” Because why not?

Disney+ doesn’t actually call this font Comics Sans, of course, but instead “Casual,” because, you know, Comic Sans! It just screams casual fun. But given that the font has found a new life beyond hated-internet-meme as one that can actually be easier to read for people with dyslexia, Comics Sans and similarly stylized and spaced sans serif typefaces have been advocated as a great additional readability option in recent years.

The fact that, if you don’t specifically require this functionality for accessibility purposes, you can just basically turn your subtitles into Comic Sans is an added bonus from a shitposting standpoint.

So, without further ado, please enjoy these very appropriate uses of Comics Sans.

I actually really like this moment, it’s just everything’s funnier rendered in Comic Sans.

Thanks, Disney+!