Samsung to Launch 'Special Edition' Galaxy Fold That's Just the Same Phone With a Price Cut

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung is set to launch a cheap version of the Galaxy Fold this July, but there seems to be confusion over what makes this upcoming 'Special Edition' so special.

First up is the possibility that the new Galaxy Fold Lite (or the 'Special Edition') is getting an upgraded chassis, in that it will feature a small display on the outside, like the Galaxy Z Flip, and will be 4G only even though it could be powered by the Snapdragon 865 chipset - as opposed to the Galaxy Fold's Snapdragon 855. You can forget ultra thin smart glass as well, which is presumably to keep costs down and facilitate the cheaper price tag of $1,100 (around £890). This information comes from trusted Twitter leaker, Max Weinbach, who adds that the lower-priced version of the handset will be comprised of "a mix of 2018/19/20 parts."

A second rumour floating about from another Twitter leaker, Ross Young, suggests July's Galaxy Fold Special Edition will "look just like the Galaxy Fold" and will set you back $1,099 - almost exactly the same price Weinbach cited. Young's tweet has since disappeared, but said:

"To clear out Galaxy Fold 1 inventory before the Galaxy Fold 2 is launched, Samsung will announce the Galaxy Fold Special Edition in July at a price around $1099. Quantities will be limited to 55K worldwide. It should look just like the Galaxy Fold 1. Great price!"

To add more intrigue to all of this, Weinbach later tweeted that he's heard there are three "foldable tablets" in development, saying:

"I heard there were 3 foldable tablets in development. 2 plastic screens and one UTG. Maybe Top is the second plastic, Winner2 is Fold Lite, and Champ is Fold2?"

Either way, it looks like Samsung is re-purposing its stock of the original Galaxy Fold for the Special Edition to clear out whatever it's got left before the Galaxy Fold 2 launch. [Android Central]