2020 Will be Remembered as the Year Sky Finally Got Some HDR

By Gary Cutlack on at

The elite-level of Sky TV subscription over-payers will forever remember May 27th, 2020, as that's the day high dynamic range content is finally set to appear on some Sky TV set-top boxes.

Specifically it'll only by on the Sky Q boxes, as they're posher and people pay more money for what they imagine and have been told is a better experience. There will be an extremely small amount of HDR content to watch at first via new channel Sky Nature – in the HLG format that may trigger a few TV incompatibility pains – with three documentaries offering HDR output via on-demand streams available through the boxes' catch-up service.

Oh but guess what? Some older 1TB hard drive models may not be compatible, and will require upgrading. Also, subscribers must have a Q experience bundle or Ultra HD subscription in order to unlock the new top-tier quality. HDR is only for the elite with the very largest of monthly packages just now. [Forbes]