Zoom Backgrounds Now Include a Selection From TfL - That's Not a Reference to Star Wars

By Shabana Arif on at

These are not the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed backgrounds you're looking for - you can click here for that. No, these are from Transport for London who wants to let you recreate your commute in the comfort of your own home.

Do you miss sitting on hard seats with questionable fabric choices, being squashed up so close to someone you can smell yesterday's breakfast on their breath? Well it's your lucky day, because you can now chose from a variety of backgrounds for your next video call. You can opt for the sit-in collection so it looks like you've got the whole bus to yourself, the vintage collection which is more of a set piece that you are no part of whatsoever, or the background collection, which includes a tube tunnel with a train hurtling towards the camera, so it looks like you're about to be run down to the person you're chatting to. So that's fun! You can use the backgrounds for Zoom calls, or any other compatible video conferencing apps.

TfL also took the opportunity to remind everyone to stay at home, saying its services are only for essential journeys. It's seen a 95 per cent drop in the number of people using Tube and rail services, and an 85 per cent drop in bus use - so maybe those backgrounds aren't so far-fetched right now after all. [TfL]