These YouTubers Made an Iron Man Glove With a Real Plasma Cutter, and it Seems Very Dangerous

By Julie Muncy on at

Honestly, if Iron Man really existed, he’d probably be more dangerous to himself than anyone else.

The people at the Hacksmith specialise in making machines you probably should not make. They’ve made a protosaber, Batarangs and more superhero weapons than you can count. Now, they’re taking on the challenge of trying to make something like an Iron Man suit out of real technology, maker grit, and extremely dangerous welding equipment. Safe to say, do not try this at home. Or anywhere else.

The latest piece of the puzzle: a plasma gauntlet. That is, an Iron Man gauntlet that shoots a laser. Or, well, superheated plasma, which is used, typically, for welding. And the results, though they require an electric backpack, are pretty neat. And Tony Stark’s first model wasn’t exactly impressive looking, either, and a lot like the Hacksmith’s, it was made from a bunch of scraps.

Is this plasma gauntlet good for fighting? Well, unless you’re fighting inert pieces of steel, probably not. But, as the Hacksmith creators show, it would be very good for escaping from locked shipping containers. You know, if that’s a problem you run into often.

Featured image: Marvel Studios