This Incredible Deal From Three Offers Unlimited Everything for Just £16 a Month

By Tom Pritchard on at

Unlimited data is a great thing, and it's even better now that all the major networks have some sort of unlimited tariff for all your data-hungry needs. Three often has the best prices, though, and the latest one on offer is too good to miss out on. You can get unlimited data (including tethering), calls, and texts for just £16 a month.

That is on a 24 month contract, so be aware that you'll wind up locked in on Three for two years, but considering that contract usually costs £22 a month (barring any deals) that's a huge saving. Frankly we haven't seen one this good before, not with unlimited everything at any rate.

It's not the only SIM only deal Three has right now either. If Unlimited data is a bit much for you, but you still want a chunk of data for not very much money you can get a 12GB plan with unlimited calls and texts for just £8 a month. That's on a 12 month contract too, so you're not locked in for quite as long.

And of course both those include all the other standard perks Three has on all contracts, with Go Binge offering unlimited use on various social media platforms (not that you need it on an unlimited plan) as well as roaming in 71 places around the world, plus exclusives perks and upgrades when travelling with easyJet.

And Three offers an automatic upgrade to 5G at no extra cost, so if and when 5G arrives in your area you can start using it right away.