Amazon Pantry is Being Shut Down in the UK on 30th June

By Tom Pritchard on at

At times it feels as though Amazon sells just about everything, and for several years you've been able to order food, drinks, and other products you'd normally have to trek to the supermarket for. Amazon Pantry could be quite useful at times, but after 30th of June it'll stop being of any use to anyone. Because that's the day it's being shut down in the UK.

Orders placed before 23:59 on 30th June will still be honoured, but after that Pantry is going to be gone for good. So no more ordering a bunch of random items so you can claim free delivery, and no longer will you be able to use the spacious boxes to move house. Unless you have some around already, that is.

As to why Pantry is being shut down here, Amazon's FAQ page has this to say:

We are always working to deliver the best possible customer experience. Most of your favourite Amazon Pantry bestsellers will soon be available on with faster delivery and no minimum spend, along with the thousands of low-priced everyday products already available.

Not sure how faster delivery could be available, since Pantry boxes were always Prime Eligible and would be dumped outside your front door the next day like any other Amazon delivery. Still being able to buy those products will be useful, even if they are all mixed in with the third party listings that always seem to charge more and take forever to arrive.

But hey, at least you can always just get the supermarket to deliver the same sort of stuff whenever you li... Oh right. Looks like a few more trips to Tesco will be on the cards from July.